Novakon Pulsar Sucks?

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I must be pretty mad to build a site like this, right? Well you might like to know that I have other CNC equipment that works great, can use SolidWorks, Autodesk Fusion, Mastercam and other products quite well. I simply made a mistake selecting Novakon for a mill purchase. And I'd like to help other avoid making the same mistake. Don't believe me? Call my phone number listed at the bottom of the page, I answer my own calls. And just as easily as you can call me so can Novakon... but they don't because they already got my money.

Don't make the same mistake I made. The problems with a Novakon Pulsar Mill is that it is made by Novakon.

You should expect a working product and service when you spend $5000 or $10,000 on a machine. As far as I have seen Novakon does not stand behind their products. My suggestion... stay away from Novakon. There is no reason for you to risk wasting your money on a lemon of a machine. I honestly believe Novakon doesn't care. Once they get your money you are no longer of any value to them. If they don't treat past customers well why would anyone think they'd treat future customers better. It never happens. Companies that let their customers sit with problem products don't care enough to do the right thing.

I spend a large amount of my time working to get the mill fixed. The lack of manuals and communication made it virtually impossible. I don't want to sell the machine to someone who is unsuspecting. So I have a giant boat anchor, useless.

Maybe Novakon will buy it back... Until then I'm sitting with a worthless piece of junk.

If I were Novakon I'd buy this lemon back just to shut me up. Or I'd ship a working unit to me. But to keep my money and pretend like everything is okay is silly and bad business. So until there is a change in how Novakon is treating its passed customers... buy your mill from some other company.

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