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Thee TOP 10 Reasons Why I Believe *** Novakon Mills Suck ***

10. Your chances of Winning the lottery are greater than your chances of being shipped a Working Novakon Mill.

9. You need a Megaphone to speak to John (the owner) because he NEVER RETURNS PHONE CALLS.

8. You will have more time for you Fishing! (Because Novakon Mills Rarely Work)

7. Their Warranty is Good as Fools Gold (Looks nice, just don't try to use it)

6. Novakon Mills are QUITE! (Because they do not work)

5. Mills are energy efficient. (Since Novakon Mills do not work you save money on electricity)

4. Khai is the best Novakon salesmen. (He included the Sun, Moon and Stars with my purchase. I'm still waiting for them, and also for them to fix my non-working Novakon mill. But I am sure Khai will get my mill working and ship the Sun, Moon and Stars any day now. Hey, Khai, keep the stars, just get my mill working, okay?)

3. Rodney is the best Tech. (UNLESS you need technical information. Then you should call someone else.)

2. Novakon Equipment has great accessories. (The wooden box they ship in can be used to cart the Novakon to whichever DUMP you plan to scrap it at.)

And the Number 1 Reason Novakon Sucks...

They don't sell reliable equipment and can't get their equipment running when there is a problem. I've been sitting with my NON-WORKING Novakon Mill for over a year and the people at Novakon can't figure out why it doesn't work. Seriously... learn from my mistake. Don't buy anything from Novakon. Yes, some people may be happy with their products but many people are also finding problems. And when your paying good money for a CNC Mill you should get what you pay for. Buy from a different company. You will thank me for the warning.

Yeah, I am pissed that I bought a Novakon Mill and Novakon can't get it running. And, unfortunately, I am not the only one with problems.

Click HERE to read what happened to me.


And do yourself a favor... Buy CNC equipment from ANYONE ELSE. From everything I've seen I can honestly say, " does NOT care about their customers."