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I just noticed this today... You have to be kidding me!

Novakon posted a response to me on one of the CNC Sites. If they had time to post a response why didn't they instead CALL ME AND FIX THEIR BAD EQUIPMENT.

The response is well worded but leaves out the important information. Below is the Novakon response and my comments, in RED, show you why in my opinion Novakon and John, Khai and Rodney are bad.

The Novakon Quote begins here...

"Dear [Site] members, In light of the slanderous and incorrect comments posted by [Site] member iDesign, we would like to present our side of the story and defend our company’s reputation. It is unfortunate that it is so easy to post irresponsible statements on the WEB without facts. We leave it up to the [Site] community to make its own determination of our commitment and level of service and quality."

"The facts are the following to date: Mr. iDesign purchased a NM-135 mill and CD-100 “controller only” version from Novakon in December of 2008. A controller only version is sold without the built in computer, relying on the customer to provide an operating computer. Mr. iDesign contacted Novakon support in November of 2009, requesting assistance as the controller on his NM-135 was not operating properly. He stated that it was 11 months after our delivery before the mill was powered on for the very first time." True and exactly as I stated in my NovakonSucks Site.

"Novakon’s warranty requires that each machine be opened, inspected and operated within 2 weeks after delivery to verify that there is no damage due to shipping, which could be claimable from the carrier by Novakon." There was no shipping damage. Machine was inspected and stored.

"Regardless of this discovery, Novakon decided to honor the warranty and to support Mr. iDesign’s claim. After many weeks of assistance to Mr. iDesign by our support personnel through numerous telephone calls and e-mails, Novakon recommended that the controller be shipped back to our factory for a thorough and complete testing." Here Novakon is not being honest about the support they provided or the timeframe. When they discovered they could not get the machine going they told me I had to wait until after the holidays because they had new orders to ship out. I found myself at the back of the line. I was stranded.

Novakon also neglected to tell you that they MADE ME PAY FOR SHIPPING OF THE BAD CONTROLLER BACK TO THEM. Since the controller board was bad the machine had obviously never been tested. They should have picked up shipping once they found out the problem was caused by them.

It is important to also realize that by this time several months had passed and they could NOT fix the machine via tech support.

"Upon receiving the controller, a defective break out board was discovered and replaced with a new one. Prior to shipping back to Mr. iDesign, Novakon made sure that all systems worked properly and the controller was returned to Mr. iDesign." This is NOT true. Novakon did not test the controller prior to shipping it back because when I received it it still did not work. Novakon admits that in the next paragraph.

"After receiving the controller, Mr. iDesign informed Novakon that he still had a problem with the spindle operation of his machine, and that we needed to address the issue." Yes, they DID NOT fix the controller. When I received the controller the machine was still not working. Novakon is not telling you that when I received the 'repaired' controller it would not even power up. I had to call Rodney, take it apart and change internal cabling. How could they have 'tested it' if the internal cabling was not in the correct place?

"Otherwise, he would take action against our company." Novakon neglects telling you that I spent several more hours on the phone with Rodney trying everything to get the machine going. I called Novakon and asked to speak to John. John never returned my calls. Why doesn't John tell you when they asked me to send the controller back? Because by this time MANY MONTHS had gone by and the machine was STILL NOT WORKING.

How long should a warranty repair take? Is several months reasonable? I don't think anyone would think so. And that is why Novakon left that detail out of their response.

"Novakon offered Mr. iDesign a 100% credit of his purchase price towards our new NM-145. (The NM-135 was no longer available, and the NM-145 mill had replaced it)." Novakon actually offered me the following. I was to lose my shipping of $650 on the first machine, send them an additional $1500 and pay for shipping on the second machine. Basically they told me I needed to pay additional $2800.00 or so.

I thought they were crazy. Why would I pay Novakon more money when I never got what I originally paid for?

"Mr. iDesign declined our offer and demanded the resolution we offered as well as other reimbursements such as personal time invested, phone calls charges, work loss charges, etc…" Yes, when a company is incompetent they should pay for losses they cause. I have hundreds of dollars in phone bills, lost a major project and spend dozens of hours doing the work I paid Novakon to do. If they had tested the machine before they shipped it I would not have had any problems. Since the machine had bad parts in it and it took them months and months to figure that out they should compensate me for my losses. Remember, Rodney could have asked me to send him the controller the day I called. But he didn't.

"All follow up repair actions were stopped by his own accord and Novakon is still waiting on how to proceed according to the terms of our warranty." This is untrue. I spoke with Khai and told him he needed to find a better solution or I would let everyone know about my bad experience. I did not hear from Khai until my web site was up. Khai called me and told me he would 'take care of this for me' and that I needed to 'give him a few days to work out a solution'. I never heard from Khai or anyone else at Novakon after this.They left me for dead.

"Mr. iDesign has not requested for any further repairs to be made to date, and subsequently has chosen to make slanderous remarks about our company. We believe our very best efforts were put forth to satisfy Mr. iDesign, by going above and beyond in order to rectify this unfortunate situation." John, really, THAT WAS NOVAKON'S BEST EFFORTS? Novakon knew the machine never worked and that they didn't fix it. The only solutions they offered me cost me more money.

And nothing was stopping them from calling me or sending me parts to replace or sending a technician or paying to have the machine shipped back to them or replacing the machine with one that was actually tested and worked.

No, they did NOT use their best efforts because they already had my money and didn't actually care if the machine worked.

"Novakon is still interested in resolving this matter as long as Mr. iDesign will accept the warranty terms of the machine he purchased to bring this matter to a close in a civilized and professional manner. We hope this brings clarity to the [Site] members, and gives confidence to new and existing customers of our commitment in providing the best level of customer service, quality of machines and competitive pricing possible. NOVAKON SYSTEMS LTD." Just a bunch of Baloney. If they really wanted to fix the machine they would have taken steps to do so over a year ago.

And I would not still be getting calls from people telling me about their Novakon horror stories.

Here is what Novakon is not telling you. Other people are having the similar problems. I know because my phone number is on the bottom of each page here. And people call me about their Novakon troubles.In the passed I've just listened but now, in light of this, I think it is time to tell all.

NOTICE: If you are having problems with Novakon products let everyone know about it. Send me your story and I will post it on my site. Don't let other people get cheated or taken advantage of. If you know someone is doing bad things you should let others know so they are protected.

If Novakon really wants to be civilized and professional they would test their products before they ship them and perform warranty repairs in a reasonable time frame. Not make excuses and blame everyone else.

Take a moment and read their response one more time and you will notice that they VALIDATED EVERYTHING I SAY IN MY COMPLAINT. I bought a machine. It did not work. I spent MANY MANY hours working with their support people to fix it. THEY NEVER FIXED IT. They instead offered to sell me more equipment. And I told them I would not send them any more money. What more do you need to know? How about this...

Don't buy anything from Novakon.

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