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Do you really want to buy Training from people who don't care? If Novakon Products Suck it makes sense that Novakon Training sucks too, right? Besides, here is free training.

Why pay Novakon for training when they can't even get their own equipment working? Novakon needs to get training themselves!

Don't waste your money. Use the FREE materials instead OR buy training from someone who cares about you before AND after the sale.

Here are free links to CNC and Machinist training. The Novakon Mill I purchased in garbage so I can't think their training will be anything better. RUN AWAY FROM NOVAKON.

FREE CNC, MACHINIST & Engineering Skills FREE

Places to Purchase
CNC Products


Have Personal Positive Experience with the machines below. You investigate for yourself.


Additional Machines to Consider.



Engineering Drawing and Sketching (by MIT) here

Machine Shop Skills 1 here

Machine Shop Skills 2 here

Machine Shop Skills 3 here

Machine Shop Skills 4 here

Machine Shop Skills 5 here

Machine Shop Skills 6 here

Machine Shop Skills 7 here

Machine Shop Skills 8 here

Machine Shop Skills 9 here

Machine Shop Skills 10 here

CNC Tutorial (Nice, Simple and Easy to Follow) here

Mach3 Video Tutorials here

Mach3 Basics here

GCode Basics here

GCode Programming here

I'll post more as I find them. Seriously, avoid the problems I've had and purchase your equipment from some business other than Novakon. They do not put the customer first. You will be sorry you purchased anything from them.

Don't buy products from Novakon.