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2011-08 The Saga Continues...

I've had even more people contact me about problems with Novakon and their shoddy workmanship. Novakon just can't seem to get their act together.

The first person called me just in the past few weeks ago with his Novakon Horror Story. His machine has not been running since February 2011. The X-Axis, he said, "does not home properly so I can't use the machine." He apparently tried everything but Novakon, as he put it, "doesn't care now that they've got [his] money." I too found the same issue. They are very nice and helpful until they get your money.

And "Rick", called me this month too. He was contemplating a Novakon purchase and wanted to find out what ever happened with my machine. I answered all his questions about my ordeal and told him that I would never buy from Novakon again. I hope Rick buys his machine elsewhere.

When will Novakon stop treating customers like a disease? No one knows... But I still have not heard from them about my purchase.

Which makes me very eager to tell what happened to me so others can avoid the same problems.

Old News Below

Lots has happened since I started this site in a quest to Right the Novakon wrongs. The truth is I just wanted to make sure no one else gets cheated by Novakon like I believe I was. And the response has been amazing.

I wanted to thank all of you for contacting me, sending me information, advice and offers. And to date I have had some "interesting" offers.

One person offered to sell me CNC equipment at cost if I'd make a video of myself setting the NON-WORKING Novakon NM-135 on fire and then post the video on YouTube.

Another person offered to take the Novakon NM-135 off my hands for free. I guess he thought I was more concerned with floor space than the thousands of dollars I paid to have a non-working Novakon mill.

Another person called and asked if I would like to join a Lawsuit against Novakon because he too had a machine that did not work.

And many people have called simply to ask if Novakon ever fixed the machine. When I tell them no they seem resolved to buy a machine from someone else.

Recently I have been contacted by Pat O'Banion of He just wanted to help. We have been going back and forth via email and phone and eventually will probably get the mill working. Pat was surprised that Novakon did not have a toll free tech support line. Pat's toll free phone number, for sales AND SUPPORT is clearly marked on his website's first page. Clear as day you see his toll-free number "866-680-0222".

Another person to send a shout out to is Arturo at He has been very generous with his time answering questions and working to help me get the machine going. We have not had any luck yet but I am sure we eventually will.

So the update is this. Novakon STILL has not done the right thing. And my Novakon Mill model NM-135 is still not working and still the worst tool investment I have ever made. Don't buy anything from Novakon, Khai, Rodney or John.

SUCCESS... almost 2 years too late...

Thanks to the help of Pat O'Banion of I finally got my Novakon running. What was the problem? I'll tell ya!

It turns out that sloppy workmanship is more than simply a motto at Novakon... it is in their blood.

Yesterday, after hours of checking nearly every component in the system Pat asked me to begin tracing wires. There is a twisted rats nest of them in the Novakon controller. They are cable-tied, stretched, bent and crimped in a maniacal fashion.

My first step was to begin cutting cable ties. After checking many of the wires and tracing where they went I noticed one of the wires was pinched in a PCB board screw. I took the wire out and saw the insulation had been damaged. Yes, someone at Novakon carelessly screwed in the screw with the wire under it. I checked the wire with a multi-meter and discovered the insulation was breeched. Since most circuit board screws go to ground this wire was permanently bringing the signal to ground. As soon as I freed the wire the machine began to work.

This brings up several problems. I paid to have my original controller shipped back to Novakon and was told I was given a complexly new controller. Since my original controller and this one had the same exact problem I find it hard to believe Novakon actually gave me a new controller. What is the likelihood that two controller both have the same problem? Even a trained monkey would not screw down a screw and pinch the same wire twice on two different machines. I think they lied to me about what they sent me.

Another problem is that Rodney told me he tested the controller himself and it worked perfectly before he shipped it. This is not possible. If he had tested the machine there is no way it could have worked. I believe there is an honesty problem here... Novakon thinks their goal is to get your money; not deliver working products. That is sad.

Does my machine working change anything? Not really. I bought the machine expecting it to be working on it 2 years ago. And I did not budget having to spend numerous hours searching for problems that Novakon created. And really its simply not fair that I take the financial hit for this and Novakon gets a get out of jail free card.

Shouldn't I get reimbursed for the time and expenses I incurred in fixing their sloppy work? I know expenses sounds silly... but then again remember I've spend about $500 in phone calls to them and others, I have almost $100 in shipping expenses, I've spent dozens of hours working with them and others in an attempt to get this Novakon machine working. I have to think to myself, "Why should I be the one who pays for Novakon's Mistakes?"

So for all the rest of you seeking to fix your Novakon... stick in there. A solution may be in your future too.

For all of those looking to buy a machine from Novakon (John, Khai or Rodney) DON'T DO IT! Run away from Novakon... It is too risky a purchase.

I'll let you know if eventually Novakon reimburses me for my expenses and time and etc.

I hesitant at celebrating that my machine's spindle is now spinning as I don't know if it will actually cut anything. And my rose colored glasses have prevented me from telling you that the spindle speed does not actually transition smoothly when I change it in Mach3. But for right now I will pretend all is moving in the right direction.

Future updates will be posted as they happen. In the mean time... DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM NOVAKON.

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