Novakon NM-135 Sucks

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Considering investing in a Novakon NM-135 or NM-145 mill? My suggestion, DON'T! The Novakon Company does not stand behind their products. I know because I purchased one of their mills (Read Here). It has been the worst purchase of my life. Really, they sell garbage and once they get your money they don't care if it works.

Here are photos of my NON-WORKING piece of crap Novakon NM-135. I had to take all kinds of photo to email to different people because Novakon does NOT ship a manual. In fact they don't even have on to sell. Their reputation is poor because they sell quickly assembled cheap products that are designed simply to get you to send them a check.

Don't make the same mistake I made. Buy from a reputable company!

Novakon NM-145 Sucks

This is the controller that can't drive the motor of the mill.

Novakon NM-135 Sucks

This is the head that shows the cutting envelope is DIFFERENT and smaller than what I was told it would be. It is kind of like buying a 500HP Muscle car and finding out it only has 145HP. Just junk.

Buy from someone else. Avoid Novakon. You've been warned. Stay away from the NM-135, the NM-145. the NM-200, the new Novakon Lathe and everything else that Novakon sells because they don't stand behind their products. Run away from Novakon....



If you too have a NOVAKON Horror Story... Let others know about it. I am happy to post other people's accounts of Novakon Problems as a warning to potential customers.

The hope is that one day Novakon's John and Khai will do the right thing by their customers.

If you think you have been shafted, screwed, maligned, cheated, mistreated or bamboozled by Novakon... take a moment and let others know about it.

It may not solve your problem BUT it just might make you feel better. And you'll be helping others avoid the same fate.

Novakon NM-135 Sucks